Investment management services

We provide advisory and discretionary investment services for General Investment Accounts (GIAs), investment bonds, Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) and pensions. All portfolios are managed on an agreed risk profile according to our Quality value investment philosophy.

Advisory investment management

The advisory service involves investment recommendations being reviewed and agreed before changes are made to client investment portfolios.  Clients can view their portfolio online through the advisory portal and will have an annual meeting to review their investments.

Discretionary investment management

Discretionary portfolios are managed proactively by the Castlebay team according to an agreed investment mandate which is clearly explained at the outset. Clients can view their portfolio through AJ Bell online valuations, they will receive quarterly investment reports and at least an annual meeting to review the investments.

Investing the 'Castlebay way'

Our ‘Quality value’ investment philosophy runs through our balanced investment portfolios which consist of a range of different financial assets globally.  Castlebay portfolios are constructed and managed with these different assets to preserve and grow the invested capital by more than inflation over the long term.

Castlebay manage the UK portion of the balanced portfolio in our UK Equity fund, where appropriate.  Third party fund managers are allocated capital for the remaining asset classes.  When we allocate capital to other fund managers we want them to have a similar approach and alignment of interests as we have. 

When we invest with third party funds we prefer managers who:

  • invest in quality businesses or assets.

  • have “skin in the game” with fund and or firm ownership stakes.

  • invest with conviction for the long term

We also invest in assets which can be easily understood and liquidated. This rules out many alternative assets including hedge funds, property and private equity.

Investment is simple but not easy. We have created an investment approach that gives us confidence to invest in our favoured assets, allocating more capital to them during periods of market weakness.  Our approach is designed to provide security through compounding: knowledge, returns and trust.

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