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Castlebay was launched in 2013 by David MacNeil and David Ridland to manage their money alongside their fellow investors, whilst being aligned to their long term best interests. In the early stages of Castlebay we were fortunate to be joined by a number of clients with whom we enjoyed long standing relationships. Many of these relationships endure today.

In 2015 we launched the VT Castlebay UK Equity fund, managed according to our Quality value investment philosophy.  Castlebay Financial Management was established in 2020 to provide financial advice in addition to investment management services for our private clients. 

Our purpose is to provide security through compounding: knowledge, returns and trust.  As a team we have agreed three non-negotiable behaviours which you should expect to see in your interactions with us. 

 Honesty & integrity

Doing the basics really well

Growth mindset

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Castlebay Financial Management

Castlebay Financial Management

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